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MW Computer Services was established to assist you from the assault of computer technology simply not working for you. What works best for you? You have lots of options...

Networking Services
Training Services
Software Services
Hardware Services
Maintenance, Customization and Troubleshooting
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Networking Services
Wireless Network Setup
I will install and encrypt your wireless network so you can surf freely and keep the bad guys out. ? more  $179

Add a Device to an Existing Network
Expand your network with the addition of another computer and have greater access to your files. ?more  $129

Network Storage Device Setup
We add a network storage device to your network so can keep your vital information stored in a safe spot. ? more  $159

Broadband Service
We will establish a new broadband account for you or get you back up if you have a faulty modem. ? more  $159

Dial-up Service
I will get you rolling with a new dial-up account or restore the connection to a dial-up service that's down. ? more  $129

Training Services
1-Hour Basic Training
Get 60 minutes of face-to-face, hands-on training with yours truly. You choose the topic.
?more  $159

2-Hour Basic Training
Choose the tech topic and get an advanced 2-hour hands-on training with
yours truly.
?more  $229

Software Services  
Antivirus Install
Installation of antivirus software with the latest updates on your PC, so your defenses are up-to-speed. ? more  $129

Operating System Install
Stuck in 98? I can get you up-to-speed by installing a new operating system on your computer. ? more  $229

Software Install or Antispyware Install
I will install your new software program on your PC and customizes it to fit your needs.
?more  $129

Software Service
Get set up with a new software title or fix a problem with an existing program.
?more  $129

Hardware Services
Memory Install

Speed up your PC, old or new, by upgrading your memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs. ? more  $129

Optical Drive Install
An optical drive gives your PC tons of more data backup and storage space for your projects.
?more  $159

Hard Drive Install
I will install and configure a new hard drive that will have your PC running at peak performance. Installation of software and hardware not included.
?more $129

I/O Card Install
Pump up your gaming with a new graphics card. We'll configure any internal card to your desktop. ? more  $159

Peripheral Setup
I will help you set up your printer, camera or scanner to ensure that it works properly with your PC. ? more  $129

Maintenance, Customization and Troubleshooting
PC Setup and System Customization

Let me set up your new PC and personalize it exactly to your liking — right there in your home. ? more  $129

Operating System Service
If your PC is reacting sluggishly or if it has crashed — I can fix the damage to your operating system. ? more  $179

Computer Cleaning
The accumulation of dust particles in your computer can lead to trouble. Let me decontaminate your PC. ? more  $79

Security Services
Advanced Security Setup

Ensure your privacy with this advanced security package that will help keep your PC free of viruses and spyware. ? more  $129

Basic Security Setup
Score savings with a security package that includes the latest antivirus program and vital Windows XP updates. ? more  $84

Data Services
Data Rescue
When your files, email or pictures have disappeared, we’ll find them and make sure they work. ?more  $259

Desktop Data Back-Up
In case disaster strikes, We will make you a backup copy of all your important documents and files. ? more  $89

Data Migration (Transfer)
Move all of your data from your old computer to your new one. Or get your PC files onto your laptop. ? more  $229

Additional Services
Insurance Damage Estimate
When disaster strikes, we can ensure that you get the right value for your PC equipment from the insurance company. ? more  $129



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